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What if the monsters in the haunted house weren’t just wearing a costume...?

By accident, Dori stumbles across the monstrous secret behind popular haunted house, the Were|House - and then they get roped into working alongside the crew on Halloween night! 
A job's a job, right? But will Dori make it through three days of hard work preparing for the big night - and will they grow closer to any of the monsters...?

    ▷ Were|House is a comedic visual novel with dashes of romance!
    ▷ Overall word count of just under 40,000 words! A single playthrough takes under two hours, with four endings in total (three romance endings & one common friendship one!)
    ▷ There are three routes to pursue: werewolf Cormac, kelpie Morag, and gorgon Esseth ♡
    ▷ Our protagonist Dori is renameable, and you can choose from she, he, and they for pronouns!
    ▷ 6 spectacular unique CGs by sharyap (three of them exclusive to romance endings!), and beautiful custom sprites by inkymaw!

    ▷ Runner-Up in the Spooktober Jam Best Monster category & placed in the Melbourne Queer Games Fest Shortlist 2021!shortlisted

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(69 total ratings)
AuthorSad Ghost Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsFurry, Gay, Halloween, Lesbian, LGBTQIA, monster-girl, Otome, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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WH Ending Guide.txt 912 bytes

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this is an absolutely adorable game, it was charming getting to know each of the characters during their routes! their different personalities really shine in every scene.

Thanks so much for playing!! So happy you enjoyed ♡♡♡♡


I have a lot to say now that I have finished playing Cormac's route. The game has flawless art and writing. But the lack of romance along the way disappoints me. Don't get me wrong; I love slow-burn games. However, this route felt painfully slow before launching into a sudden romance near the end. It didn't live up to my expectations, which was the only drawback. Otherwise, beautifully written characters and incredibly inclusive.

I'm sorry that it wasn't more clear that romance takes a bit of a backseat in this one! we're glad you enjoyed the parts you did like, and appreciate you playing regardless! ♡

I love this game so much! Incredibly wholesome (and hilarious). :D

So glad to hear!! Thanks so much for playing, we're stoked you enjoyed ♡

What if the monsters in the haunted house weren’t just wearing a costume…?

It’d be furry! 😜
(Tags, hint… hint)

  • Kuri

Cormac is the best thing that has ever happened to me thank you

Thank you so much for playing!!!! So glad you loved Cormac, he's a good boy ^^ ♡♡♡

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I downloaded this game for free (I guess it was on sale or it was free at the time) back in October but never gotten around to playing it. I didn't even realize there was an update for it! But the concept looks super fun and the characters are super cute! And having a protagonist who can go by she, he, or they pronouns is a really neat bonus!

May I ask what changed from 1.0 to 1.1?


Thank you so much for commenting! So glad you enjoyed the game!! ♡

1.1 only included a few minor fixes (including a few UI tweaks and another light edit of the entire script, since it was written quickly during a jam). Nothing major! Just a little polish ^^

Why do I feel like the protag wrote her own character card..?


That's not as far off as you might think ;D

is it available on steam? 

No, unfortunately no Steam for any of our games as of yet :)

Will be available sometime on Steam?

Great visual novel, all characters have a charming personality. I definitely recommend you pick it up if you haven't.

(favourite route is Morag's)


Thanks so much, so glad to hear you enjoyed it!! ♡♡


Ok, so: I know for a fact I downloaded this game when it was free, because I still have the files on my computer, but the game doesn't work, and I can't redownload it since it's not in my library. Is there something I can do to fix that? 

(P.S.: In case it makes a difference, I will no longer have access to this specific laptop as of wednesday, as it is a school computer and I am dropping out.)



Hi! That's unfortunate - could you give me any more info on what's not working about it, or will it just not boot up at all? (Could it be an incomplete download?)

Failing that, I could give you a game key to add it to your library (while it was intentional that people would only be able to play for free during that period, I do feel bad that you did have it downloaded but not-functional during that time!)

Hey, sorry for the slow reply. As far as I remember, it seemed like some files just didn't download properly, but it's more likely that I just didn't start it up until after the free period. I really appreciate the offer but that's on me so you really don't have to.


Such a lovely game! Streamed it but unfortunately the VOD didn't get saved properly. We got the friendship ending and had a great time hanging out with Esseth. :) Thanks so much for making it!


Thanks so much for streaming the game! Shame about the VOD, but we're so glad you enjoyed regardless ♡♡♡

This was a fun playthrough when I went through it on stream! Hoping to go back to it and get through all the remaining routes, but my playthrough is here. Enjoy! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/759266065


Woo! Thanks for playing, marimo! ♡

I just wanted to ask a question about downloading? I think I downloaded the game when it was 100% off, so I still have a copy of it now. Is that, like, okay (or summin)? 


Yes, of course!  The copy you downloaded is yours to keep (it just won't be in your itch.io library since you downloaded it while it was free)

Gotcha! Thanks ☺️


honestly amazing game, i had a lot of fun with it! im kinda curious how many endings there is, but anyways the art is so cute and i love the main three characters! <33


Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed!! ♡

(There are four different endings - one regular ending, and a romance ending for each character if you make all the correct choices ;3 )

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Good story



i can’t download your game in the ITCH.io client. This problem might be related to a lack of a “build” property in some .toml file



The itch client issue is actually because of the game being on 100% off sale, there's a bug with it. If you'd like I can send you a download key (which should let you download through the client just fine) or you can download through the itch website instead :)

I try it with the website. I didn’t have problems with other 100% off games. (Just to let you know)

Hello I also am having trouble downloading the game.  I would really like to try the game out but the bug wouldn't let me :3 sorry for bothering you .


Hey! If you're having trouble with downloading it through the itch client/app, try downloading from the website instead if you're able.
(If not, I can send you a download key that should let you download through the app)


Great game! I stumbled onto it looking for something to play while my boyfriend was asleep (i have the flu so my own cough keeps me awake) and this was great! The art, the story, the characters, choosing pronouns, everything! It also kicked me into gear to actually work on my game!

although i am wondering, is there anywhere else i can find Cormac? Is he any other things? I adore his character!


Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed! ♡

and Cormac was made just for this game, unfortunately ^^

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Got the Morag route! 

Honestly, amazing game. All the characters seem so cool and sweet, and I was so surprised I found a game with such amazing art and characters for Halloween (And for no pay, Spooktober is a m a z i n g)


I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thanks so much for playing our game ;w; ♡


This was great! I love that you included the option for different pronouns-I'm a trans guy, so sometimes it's hard for me to play vn that I'm interested in if the MC only gets to use she/her pronouns. The art, especially for the characters and CGS was so cute and well done! The story was adorable as well. Thank you for making such a sweet and fun game. 


Hey, I'm so glad the pronoun choice helped you! Thanks so much for playing our game ♡♡♡

I am so glad I stumbled upon this game - it's super fun! Beautiful character design and cute, fun stories. Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks so much, that's very sweet! We're glad you stumbled across the game too ;w; ♡

The writing's really funny and the art is gorgeous! It's a real fun chill game that I enjoyed every second of :)


Thanks so much! We're so glad you enjoyed :3 ♡


just wanted to let you know when i go to download it does not have anything up when it comes to install: select  ( i use windows)  

sorry for bothering you


Hi! You shouldn't need to install anything, just download the zip file, unzip it, and then run the .exe file :)

(If you're trying to use the itch.io app and having issues, I've heard it might be because of the 100% sale causing a bug-maybe best to try downloading from the website instead)

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