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I couldn't find it in the description, but what ESRB rating would this have? (Everyone, Everyone 10+, Teen 13+, Mature 17+, Adults Only 18+)

I'd say E or E 10+ at most :)

Ok, thank you for the help!

I played this game as an extremely thirsty hetero male looking for more media to try and understand asexuality after gradually researching the topic for roughly 4 years because someone very close to me is asexual. I can't say that it really helped me in that regard, but I did enjoy the game.

The characters are cute, and the art is good. I really enjoyed the expressions Rohan and Aster show throughout the course of the narrative- they're adorable and add a lot of character, especially Rohan's "skeptical" face.

If anything, this VN offers a pleasant look into the beginnings of a relationship between the two heroines, and it would be interesting to see how things develop over time for the two of them. More than anything, this feels almost like a taste or a first chapter of something to come.

Thank you for the experience.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for the feedback ♥

I just played this for the first time the other night and I just created an account to say that I love the way the characters were written, as well as the presentation, character design, and music. The subject matter is also really important and I'm glad that this story spoke on asexuality so accessibly, and earnestly.

If this was ever made into a full length VN I'd definitely pay solid money for it!

Good work!


Thank you so, so much for this lovely comment! I'm honoured, and so glad you enjoyed it ;w; ♥

for anyone on the ace spectrum, this visual novel is so DAMN nice because it accurately depicts (at least for me) what desire is like for people on the spectrum, and it's so important for people to know that the tension and feelings are still real. that the romance and love are very much still something to be desired and they do NOT need to be sexual. WELL DONE. 

thank you so much! good ace rep is so sorely needed, so i'm very glad WAF rang true for you ♥♥

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hi. so... i've been translating this game into russian lately, it's almost ready. thought you deserve to know, as a team of people who made it. i was too shy to ask for a permission at first and i wasn't even sure if i am going to post the translation anywhere or not, but now i'm pretty sure i would love it if, like... it was all done properly. like if this page had 2 tabs — one is the english version of the webpage with the english description and download link, and the other one is for the russian viewers who may want to download it too (i'd link this webpage in my blog, then). this way, you'd get the donations from russians (if they'd send you any XD russians ain't the reachest nation unfortunately). what do you think? do you mind it or not?

(oh btw i'm panro asexual too  helloa kdshjd)


Thanks for getting in touch about your translation! Feel free to release it, but in future maybe get in touch with developers before you start. You never know if they're working on official translations, and things like licenses can get tricky when you're translating without permission.

(By the way, well done on the Russian version of the logo, it's very close to the original!)

I've looked through and I don't see a way to have an alternate language on the same page or anything like that, so I'm afraid you'll have to host this on your own itch page or similar. I also have no way to play through it myself since I can't read it, so I don't feel super comfortable integrating it with the English version of the game. Since this is my IP and I haven't talked with the artist that drew some of the assets, I'd ask you limit donations you get for your translation to the same default price I ask for the English ver - $3 USD.

Oh also, I thought you'd like to know that there's another Russian translation of the game linked on vndb, but I don't know a lot about it since it was done without contacting me.

I appreciate your hard work and your effort to bring English-language VNs to your language community! ♥

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Thank you for an answer! It's good to know I have your permission for posting it online now. Also thanks for complimenting the Russian logo, I've tried my best keeping as close to the original as possible while working on the adaptation.

I guess I'll just post it in my blog, then. With two donation links — the donations for developers (you) and for the translator (me)..? Is that okay? Did I get it right? With the default price not bigger than 3 USD as you mentioned.

Ooh the translation you're talking about is what inspired me to translate the game myself... Because it's pretty inaccurate, actually ^^// I downloaded it, started playing — and that's exactly how my first acquaintance with the novel was made... Beautiful artwork, amazing story, breath-taking ace rep — and weird, laughable translation :D I'm thankful to the person who accomplished it, though, because I'd never understand, how to translate the novel, if only I haven't checked which files did THEY change in order to translate it xD I'm still new to the RenPy novel adaptation. But I've asked my friend to beta-test the translation and she hadn't found any untranslated patches or anything like that, which is reassuring enough!


Oh wow. This was cute, heart warming, and remarkably sexy all the same. I really loved this. Great job!


Thanks so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ♥♥♥


as a female-bodied asexual moron can I just say thank you for the representation i deserve and im love u

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as a fellow asexual moron, i'm so glad you enjoyed ^^ ♥ ♥

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So, I downloaded it, but when I try to extract the zip file it just gives the error saying that it cant open it as an archive and won't let me extract it (Edit: I've tried downloading other games from and it's giving me the same error on every game)


That's weird! Might be a problem with your internet connection (if it's slow, it might not be downloading the whole thing), or you could try a different unzipping software?


I forgot to mention that I downloaded games from in the past and it worked, but it seems that the past few games just won't unzip


SHE *clap* GOT *clap* THAT *clap* RE-*clap*-PRE-*clap*-SEN-*clap*-TATION THO *authoritative clap*


THANK *clap* YOU *clap* for playing! ^^ ♥♥♥


This visual novel is incredible

Thankyou so much! Glad you enjoyed ♥♥

sweet short story.beutiful artstyle.really enjoyed the game,good job!

Thanks so much!! ♥

This is so good! I loved that you really focused on asexuality and aromantic attributes and stayed true to them! There isn't a lot of representation available and I'm glad that I got to play an amazing example of it. Amazing job!

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much for your let's play! I really enjoyed your playthrough, you got the voices spot on ;w;


i love the premise for this, and it was executed perfectly! great job to everyone involved :D

Thanks so much for playing!! We're glad you liked it ♥♥


Asexual representation (and good asexual representation, at that), finally!!! It's so, so rare for me to find a fictional character like me that isn't mocked or scrutinized. And having an ace protag in a romantic visual novel? Practically unheard of. 

Anyways, this absolutely made my day. The art is beautiful and the writing is perfect! Thank you guys so, so much for helping an insecure panro ace gal feel a little more normal in this world <3


Thank you so much for playing, and for your lovely comment!

As a fellow panro ace gal, I'm so glad our work made you feel represented and heard ♥



This game is so cute, respectful and have such good writing/music... I can't help but to adore it! Really need to play it again, and will share it with many of my friends who are LGBTQIA+ <3

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so glad you loved it, and I'd be honoured if you shared it ☺️💖


I've loved it! The art is stunningly beautiful,  the plot is really good (as someone who's not feeling very comfortable about sex lately, I really relate to Aster with the whole need for a break thing) and it's very well written. Can't wait to play more of your games!

Thanks so much for playing!! I'm so, so glad you loved it, and that you could relate to her ♥

I really enjoyed this game! As an asexual person, I really related to Rohan (: Good job!

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Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you could relate to her, that makes me really happy ;w;

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Very good artstyle. Espreccially sprites :)

Interesting and original idea for plot. And it's yuri story, yay ♥

well-written characters. they really have totally different personalities. But you know, as they say: opposites attract.

good luck, with your next projects

edit: ending was extra cute.

Thank you for playing! I really appreciate the feedback ♥♥